Helping People in Need

At Home and Afar…

At Home and Afar is a non-profit organization, delivering volunteer medical and humanitarian services to families in need in and outside the United States.

We’re back!

After a Covid 19 hiatus, At Home and Afar Leadership traveled to our partner communities in February 2023. One of the main goals of that trip was to plan for our next overseas volunteer opportunities. We anticipate an upcoming trip November 3-12, 2023. Get out your calendar and get packing. Please reply to the “contact us” section to express your interest. Also feel free to contact At Home and Afar leadership directly.

To Simply Make a Difference

Our non-profit organization has a mission to give back to both local “At Home” and distant “Afar” communities. Our goal is to help people access better medical care, improve living conditions, provide healthcare awareness education, and supply adequate clothing and healthcare products. Our distant/international recent challenges have taken place in the Dominican Republic, where many of the neighborhoods lack governmental support or adequate social infrastructure.

We draw on the resources of our volunteers, supporters, and partners to better the lives of those living in some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities.

We have a goal to not only bring the benefits of modern science, healthcare and humanitarianism to those in the greatest of need, but to support these communities with compassion, kindness, and consideration of their culture.


Free Healthcare

Our medical team and support volunteers make “home visits” to shut-in patients in Barahona, a secluded barrio in the Dominican Republic. This service is essential for those who are unable to physically make it to our medical clinic.

Clean Water Initiative

We are very thankful for our partnership with The Vandermark Foundation through their generous funding we have been able to build three wells that provide clean water to the communities of Cassandra, Imbert and Rio Chil in the Dominican Republic. These wells bring water to over 400 homes previously without water. We are also very pleased to announce the completion of our first solar project at Imbert with hope to do the same at  the other communities.

Building Projects

Each trip, we work to improve the living conditions of the families who are in the greatest need. Our volunteers will provide hard labor to install cement floors, roofs, and paint to improve local living conditions.

Holiday Cheer

AHAA partners with Voices Against Violence, a local crisis abuse shelter. Each year, AHAA sponsors 100+ women and children during the holiday season.

Clothing Donations

AHAA has donated clothing, sports equipment, and toys to thousands of underprivileged children, women, widows, and families.

Chronic Care

We have provided free care to over 6,000 patients living in Barahona. These clinics provide healthcare to civilians who do not have access to any type of medical care.

Those We Have Helped

“My village never had access to the clean water nearby until At Home and Afar. They came to us with open arms and big smiles, helping us install a well in the mountains to bring us drinking water and educating us about the importance of clean drinking water. They have helped us so much!”

Ramone, Village Elder

“We thank you for sponsoring holiday gifts and meals donations, bringing very appreciated cheer to the women and children of our the Children and Women in Crisis Shelter.“

Director, Battered Women In Crisis Shelter